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About me


For as long as I can remember, my two passions in life have always been adventure and wildlife. Growing up in Cambridgeshire and the flattest part of the UK no doubt fuelled my fascination for the mountains and adventures that lay beyond. After moving to Cyprus at a young age I soon had my heart set on my first ‘expedition’ and after just turning 16 I flew to Africa on my own and with no team, I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, becoming one of the youngest people to do so. I soon returned to the UK and my love for nature led me to study zoology and animal care for 2 years. During this time I worked in a variety of zoos and other establishments. My obsession with Everest stretches back as long as I can remember, since reading the tales of Mallory and Irvine at the age of 10 and Brian Blessed’s ‘Galahad of Everest’. These tales of adventure would leave a mark on me forever and at 18 I was on my way to Everest base camp. You never forget the first time you see the top of the world and it filled me with both awe and a strange feeling of disappointment that on this occasion I wouldn’t be climbing to the top. 


At 20 I moved to Australia with the intention of staying for some years. Life, however, has a way of throwing its curve balls and after a heartbreaking phone call informing me my dad was very sick, I was home within 48 hours. Unfortunately, he passed only weeks later and this left a hole in my heart that’s hard to describe. He will forever remain my greatest inspiration and motivation.


After a year of sitting and working in a gym, one day I decided life is too short. I always spoke to my father about another life goal of joining the Royal Marines. That day the application was sent and the next 6 years helped further mould the unbreakable mindset I have today. I will be forever grateful for the lessons learnt and friends made during this part of my life.

Shortly after leaving the Royal Marines in April 2021, I was asked by a friend how I would feel about rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. ‘Sound fun’ was the immediate response and after a whirlwind 8 months I found myself rowing across an Ocean with 3 incredible guys. Together we saw things one can only dream of and the 12 hours of rowing every day for 7 weeks continued to give me time to contemplate the limitless feats of what is possible. It was during this time I decided I would cycle across the United States unsupported as a training mission for what would become the defining trip of my life. 


By complete chance, before cycling the USA I came across an incredible non-profit organisation filled with equally incredible people. SAVSIM. Their mission aligned almost perfectly with mine, with their work providing veterans in transition with amazing mental health support by utilising animals and nature as therapy. They also help contribute to countless anti-poaching programs and help protect our wildlife all over the world.


Since returning from a successful 5000-kilometre self-supported cycle across America, this dream has now become a reality thanks to the efforts of an incredible team and charity. With the support of individuals such as Nimsdai Purja as well as many others, I am on a mission to further prove that with hard work and self-belief, we truly are limitless.   

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