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Mitch Hutchcraft

We are raising £150,000 to raise funds for a world-record-breaking charity expedition all in aid of SAVSIM, an amazing charity supporting veterans and wildlife



In September 2024 I am undertaking the biggest challenge of my life raising money and awareness for mental health and animal conservation. This epic mission begins with swimming the English Channel, before cycling over 9000km from France across Europe and Asia to India. From sea level in India, I will then trek/jog over 1000k through India and Nepal and continue solely on foot to Mt Everest before climbing to the summit and standing on top of the world. Not only has this expedition never been attempted, but when complete it will set two world records. These include the world’s first triathlon to the top of the world and the world’s longest summit of Mt Everest from sea level.



To support Savsim, an amazing non-profit organization focused on helping veterans suffering from mental health issues by using animal-assisted therapy courses. Savsim also coordinates wildlife conservation and anti-poaching efforts throughout the world by utilizing veterans and their skills. With your help, we can run more therapy courses to help those struggling and make a real difference in the effort to save endangered wildlife buy training more rangers and turning the tide on poaching and the illegal wildlife trade



Since leaving the Royal Marines Commandos I have continued to pursue my passion of completing epic adventures around the world raising money for great causes. In the last 18 months i have rowed across the Atlantic ocean and cycled nearly 5000km solo across the United states of America.

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