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The final stage of this mammoth expedition starts with a trek East from Kathmandu and then North into the vast Himalayas. Winding through the mountain villages, the climb will eventually lead to the start of the famous route that leads to Mt Everest. 


The support of Nimsdai Purja and his team from Elite Expeditions in this region will be an invaluable help to the logistical requirements.


Once at base camp, the final preparation to climb to the top of the world will begin. After an initial period of acclimatisation, there will be training days and then climbs to camps 1, 2 and 3 before again descending to base camp. After this, a climb to camp four will be made, before then making a bid for the summit.

The training involved in achieving this stage requires much practice and preparation. Further mountaineering and Alpine course/ training will be completed before a major training expedition to the Everest region to climb Ama Dablam. This giant and technical mountain, combined with a further expedition, will provide the experience necessary to climb Mt Everest. 

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