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After completion of the channel swim, the longest stage begins. This 10,000-kilometre cycle over three months from Calais will be achieved using a specially designed touring bike built for both speed and durability, the same type just recently used for my 5000-kilometre crossing of the United States.


All food, tent and kit will be carried in various bags attached to the bike itself. The kit will be as minimal as possible to reduce weight with only the essentials being carried, e.g. food, repair kit, cycling clothing, sleeping bag and tent. Nights will be spent either camping or in hostels/Hotels en route. At the end of the European leg of this journey, I will be joined by a support vehicle to help with various logistical challenges in harder conditions.

Training will consist of a variety of long-distance tours both in the UK and abroad. Regular 100-mile rides combined with consistent sprint and interval training will help condition my body. A detailed lower body strength and conditioning programme will also be conducted to help maintained key strength in the lower body. This training will conclude with a final training mission from John O Groats to lands end in the weeks prior to the expedition start date.

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