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This 900-kilometre journey on foot from the Indian coastal town of Digha to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, will take roughly 3-4 weeks.

Carrying all food/clothing, and equipment needed for the journey, I will again be mixing wild camping and staying with individuals and at hotels along this incredible route. Equipment and clothing will again be minimal, carrying only the essential items to ensure the best distance can be covered each day. 


The subject of training and preparation for this journey will be very different from the previous stages. This is due simply to the fact that after several months of cycling, the body will be completely conditioned to using these muscles. This means that all of the progress made from any extensive running or trekking training before the start of the expedition will essentially be negated. Nevertheless, extensive strength training will still be combined with running and long-distance trekking to aid in the conditioning of the lower body. The initial stage of this journey will be uncomfortable due to the excessive change in activity.

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